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Joining, submitting, rules...

:bulletblue: JOINING :bulletblue:

If you'd like to join please click on Join Our Group button. You will be automatically accepted to the group. HOw to add an icon : iconClub-Bleach : without the spaces.

Thank you.

:bulletred: SUBMITTING FANART :bulletred:

All you have to do is click on Submit Art on the main page. Or you can go to the gallery, pick the correct folder and click on (+) to add your artwork.

You can only submit three times per folder per week now
Submit into the right folder or it will denied.

Please keep in mind that you must be a member of the club to submit art to our gallery. And if we have fav'd your art before you became a member, please tell us so we can un-fav it. It's not because we don't love your art, but it is part of DA club rules that members' artwork not be in the favorites.

Gallery folders:
Arrancars: Espadas, Fracción, Privaron Espada, Números, etc.

Captains: Gotei 13 Captains (including Aizen, Gin, Tosen & Visoreds with their captain haori)

Lieutenants: Gotei 13 Lieutenants/Vice-Captains (including Aizen, Gin, Mashiro, Lisa & Hiyori as lieutenants in the past)

Shinigamis: Misc. Shinigamis -Ikkaku, Yumichika, Hanataro, Urahara, Yoruichi, Isshin, etc. (including Ichigo in Shinigami form, the Zero Division and Captain + Lieutenant group pic)

Humans/Other Characters, etc.: Ichigo (in human form or AU), Uryu, Ichigo's friends & family, Kon, Ganju, Kukaku, Ururu, Jinta, Movie/Filler/Game characters, etc...

Visored: Shinji, Hiyori, Kensei, Ichigo with mask, Tosen in Visored form, etc.

Hollows: Hichigo, Ichigo in vasto lorde form, general hollows, etc.

Wandenreich: Wandenreich/Stern Ritter/Quincy army, may include Uryu in Wandenreich uniform

Groups: More than one character from different sides, may also include crossovers.

Couples: Het., Yaoi & Yuri Bleach pairings (canon characters only, please submit OC x canon related pairings to the "OCs" folder)

Zanpakutos: Canon Zanpakutos and its' spiritual appearance (for Zanpakuto + Shinigami group pic, please submit to the Groups folder)

Comics, Panels, Memes: Original comics/doujinshi and memes, may also include re-created Bleach manga pages

Manga Colorings: Manga colorings (including colorings of anime screenshot/posters/etc.)

Stamps, Icons, Wallpapers, GIFs. etc.: Stamps, icons, wallpapers, journal skins, banner/signatures, GIFs, edits, etc...

Linearts: Bleach manga/anime line-arts made for fans to color.

Cosplay: Cosplay photographies

Crafts: Sculpture, Sewings, Self-made zanpakuto, Plushies, etc. (Anything basically hand made by yourself. This folder is not drawings and not for official Bleach merchandise, for official merchandise please submit to the Miscellaneous folder).

OCs: Your own characters (including your OCs' zanpakuto or mask designs, profile, and OC x Canon pairings)

Fanfiction: Fanfiction and poetry.

Tutorials: Tutorials / Step-by-step guides of anything relating to Bleach.

Miscellaneous: Crossovers, Bleach merchandise, and other Bleach related stuffs that does not apply to any of the available folders.

:bulletgreen: RULES/STUFF :bulletgreen:
1. Be interested (love, like) in some way that makes you want to join/view.
2. Please don't use foul language.
3. Play nice with others.
4. Don't steal work; give credit where credit is due.
5. Notes that are (no subject) will get looked at last.
6. Don't send a note and resend it again. It will eventually get looked at, just be patient.
7. Do not resubmit artwork, please be patient. It will get approved.
8. Please submit artwork in the correct folder(s)

:bulletred: Affiliates: The Old School LIST :bulletred:

:bulletblue: UNDER CONSTRUCTION :bulletblue:
The main Bleach crew
Division 1-13 Captains
Division 1-13 Vice-Captains
Finally, the grueling long hiatus and weeks without BLEACH is finally over! :iconrlytearplz:

Check out your online manga websites for the latest chapter! :iconcheerplz:

Please submit your artworks to the appropriate/correct folder (please refer to the group's profile page for folder description if you're unsure). I've been long enough generous to manually redirect all your incorrectly placed submissions to the correct folder myself, but it's getting a little out of hand and so I have to be strictly put my foot down now and be firm from now on. That said, if your submission is declined it could mean:

a) you've submitted to the wrong folder, or;

b) it's against the group's rules (the most common case being art theft, as well as the lack of proper credit to the original artist whose work you've colored or -to put it mildly- took inspiration from), or;

c) both

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.
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