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Folder News:
Old News->Limit has been changed to 3 per folder a week.

Please try to be more careful when submitting, there has been a lot of images being submitted to the default Arrancar folder when it does not belong there.

NO more Motivational posters will be accepted to the gallery.
NO more screen shots will be accepted to the gallery.
Manga colorings limit has been lowered(1), due to the constant submit of them.
A folder was not made so now all you do it color the manga scan. It was made to clear up confusion.

All will be removed in the current gallery.


Prizes are very limited this time around so we need ideas/donations. ^^;

Suggestions anyone?!

Question to the people that donated prizes:
Want me to remove your name(s) from the prizes?
(Your names have been removed as prizes but I left it on the journal for your reference.)

Anyone else willing to donate?

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